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DNA LEVEL-C BOXING CLUB extends boxing training to the people of various age groups from five to 99 years. Majority of trainees are children who are taking benefit of our service. We teach an art of discipline, health and self defense tricks to children so that they may not be victim of bullying or live life in lack of social discipline. In short, we groom them as a disciplined human being.

The newly enrolled trainee will spend 4 to 8 weeks with coach in a program called 1 on 1 program with coach. This will develop the confidence of the trainee and can later join group session.

We have professionally designed adult program too. It includes weight loss program, strength/conditioning, kickboxing cardio and fundamental boxing.

DNA also provide lunch program. During summer, youths will attend Out Of School field trips throughout city of Cleveland and neighboring cities on a weekly basics depending on set schedule. Youths will also travel throughout the country on a monthly basics as we will be getting ready for National tournament which is scheduled quarterly. You can contact us for detail information.


Motivational Facts Behind Organizational Foundation:

My name is Ra'sheen Ali and I grew up in a broken home where drugs and violence was common. I was raised by my mom & grandmother, Inez, my grandmother instilled in us a positive side on us and always encouraged us to come out as good human being. She was the binding factor of our home. Our home was completely shattered when she passed away. My father was sent to jail.

I started practicing boxing at early age in those wee hours. But, my coach too went to jail. I was around 9 years old at that time. I did not get back to the ring since my coach was arrested until around I was 14yrs old but by that time the crime life swoop me over. I dropped out of school and I started living the street life.
After certain years, I was blessed with my child. This was a mere hope that turned me towards life. I rejoined the school, got diploma and started new life with my family.

Motivational Facts Behind Organizational Foundation

Team DNA

Team DNA is a non-profit organization that was formed from DNA LEVEL C BOXING CLUB. It is a traveling league that competes across the US. Constant competition pushes Team DNA towards intense training—5 days a week. It is a team of fighters ranging from the age group of eight to 25 years.

Besides, the team is equally focused on social responsibilities. We are engaged on clean-up program, feeding less fortunate people and extending vocational based educational program to such group who are deprived of opportunity. To operate this type of program we need funding. Hence, we established this no-profit organization. Please visit TeamDna Website @ www.teamdnaboxing.org

Mission of Team DNA - a non-profit program: www.teamdnaboxing.org

  • Operate community awareness program regarding health and fitness
  • Incorporating discipline through boxing
  • Enhance spiritual, mental and physical well being
  • Good health through training and dietary
  • Teach boxing skill for self defense
  • Fight against ill behavior rooted in society and self— bullying, lack of discipline and obesity.

Service Area of DNA:

Our service is extending in high speed in this course of time. We have been covering the area that is 30 miles away from our dock. Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, Maple Heights, Warrensville Heights and Bedford Heights are some of the places where people are getting benefit of our services. Most of aforementioned places are at around 5-10 miles distance from our facility center but we are also serving to the people who are 30 miles away from us.

Furthermore, we also sell boxing products ranging from five years to above. We trade the products of Ringside although DNA has its own products.

Main Service Area of DNA:
Kings Gym: www.kingsgymohio.com
Cleveland Boxing Club: www.theclevelandboxingclub.com

Service Area of DNA

My Clients:

People in between 5 - 99 years of age are the beneficiary of DNA’s service. They spend $100 to $200 per month for their training. They are my customers who purchase boxing kits ranging from $125 n up.

In this course of time, it is noted that teens and adults do not have sufficient time to practice boxing but are keenly interested in acquiring skills.


We accept all major credit cards / cash / money order

We request all our customers to use our secured website to make the payment.

Hours of operation:
Mon-Friday - 8am to 12 pm
Mon-Friday - 4:30 pm 8:30 pm
Sat-Sunday - 8am - 11am

Group boxing classes for men / women / children (ages 5 & up)




Monthly Membership

  • $135 / month : 8 Sessions Ages 5 yrs - 17 yrs
  • Month to month payments
    90 Days Contract
  • $25 application fees! Application Fees and Month to Month Payment are non refundable
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Monthly Membership

  • $216 / month : 8 Sessions Ages 18 yrs & Up
  • Month to month payments.
    90 Days Contract
  • $25 application fees! Application Fees and Month to Month Payment are non refundable
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Monthly Membership

  • $189 / month : $189 / month : 12 Sessions Ages 5 yrs - 17 yrs
  • Month to month payments.
    90 Days Contract
  • $25 application fees! Application Fees and Month to Month Payment are non refundable
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1-on-1 session for 1 hour

  • Unlimited Training
  • Month to month payments
    90 Days Contract
  • *$40 for age from 5 years to 17 years old
  • *Application Fees and Month to Month Payment are non refundable
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